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Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces

Like many of you, I was so excited to see a little sunshine and mild temperatures in our forecast.  While the winter has been a mild one, we are not yet out of the woods for a winter storm. However, the air certainly feels like it’s shifted to that of spring.

The beginning of the week the fence that borders our driveway and hay field was torn down.  It’s remarkable how vastly different the view is without the framework of that old broken wire fence.  With a big rolling field right out my front door, it didn’t take long for the kids to find freedom in a field they were once fenced out of.

I spent some quality time with my three youngest exploring the new terrain and soaking in a healthy dose of sunshine.  This year is sure to be different with the boys now able to walk and explore the farm. I foresee lots of company in the flower fields as our gardens begin to break open with the seedlings we are spending so much time nurturing right now.
I hope you were able to breathe in those first notes of warm spring air and recharge your solar battery as we begin the hunt for those first spring blooms.
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