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Alone in the Sea

Alone in the Sea

I know it’s hard. I know you are overwhelmed. I know you feel alone.  Funny thing is those three sentences probably struck a chord with a lot of you and for a myriad of different reasons. Life is funny like that. We all struggle with our own independent journey. Ironically, we seem to all be processing the same feelings and just don’t know it.

This week threw me plenty of curve balls. One thing just led to the next and I felt helpless. Running the businesses this week was tough!  I turned to those I lean on and found them each battling those same emotions themselves. The stress is high around here as we juggle breaking open a new season, building structures, training staff, and working to learn a new craft with Floral Genius. I would love to say I tabled my feelings to help everyone else ease the burden of stress and their overwhelmed states, but I didn’t.  I found solitude in whining and moaning together over our problems. Yes, sometimes I’m just childish like that and find the adage misery loves company to be painfully accurate.

But the funny thing is now in reflection, when I have found some peace, quiet, and can process my manic minute by minute week, I find that lonely feeling is nothing but a state of foggy perception. I’m only alone as much as I allow myself to be. When it feels like the world is caving around you just know that those bodies swirling by you in life are processing those very same feelings on their journey.


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