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A Solid Plan

A Solid Plan

This past weekend was the kick off to our Harmony Harvest wedding season.  Our largest wedding to date and one I cared deeply about as I grew to better know the happy couple.  While the details of such a spectacular affair are ones I can’t wait to share with you, that wedding will be a feature for another day. As the date grew near and the details became more ironed out my anxiety level grew, but I was prepared to handle and power through. Today I exhaled, as nearly a year of planning and designing came to a close.

Flawlessly pulling off grand weddings and affairs is the end result of many hours behind the scenes with footwork from a solid team of people. There were many nights of tracking down the perfect blooms and preparing each piece of glassware to be free from even the tiniest of smudges. It’s easy to celebrate the glory of the day, but the amount of time and organization each event we design requires of us is often overlooked.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better and more orchestrated wedding if I tried.  With so much attention to every minute detail this weekend was a perfectly flowered vision. While it’s the designs we all adore, we must appreciate the planning process required to create them.  Now, I look forward to the next grand event and begin to pour myself into a new time line, which allows me to provide our very best.


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