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How to Buy the Designer Collections

How to Buy the Designer Collections

If you read our last blog post, you heard me talk about our four unique and farm fresh design color boxes we will be offering this year (if not, catch up here!). These carefully curated boxes are available to the lower 48 states beginning this June and likely a bit earlier.

So how can YOU buy them? Well, let’s jump into that.

Flowers will be available on our (new!) website - that’s right you can buy our blooms right from the comfort of your couch snuggled up in your pjs. Anyone with a thirst for beautiful and farm fresh blooms can purchase, and today, I’m going to talk about how to set up a wholesale account, when flowers will ship, and when you will receive them!


Setting up an account is easy, and much like any other online account. 

For our designers, you’ll notice a “Wholesale” tab in our menu, which is where you’ll get started. Simply fill out the short form and provide us with your resale certificate or state sales tax ID. All wholesale accounts will need to be approved before you can order, and we’ll work to have your accounts approved within 24 hours of receiving your resale information, 

Each week we will harvest, pack and prepare orders. When you're adding flowers to your cart, you’ll select the delivery date for your color box. Order cutoffs are Monday at 12 pm for same-week delivery. All shipments will leave our farm on Tuesdays and delivered to you by 5 pm on the Wednesday you’ve selected. Initially, quantities of each color box will be limited, so we encourage you to take advantage of our scheduled order process and pre-book your flower boxes in advance.

Availability will begin in June and run through the end of September. 

In addition to purchasing the color story boxes, we’ll be introducing live inventory options throughout the season as they’re available. These bulk bunches will vary weekly and include an abundance of specialty stems in a unique color palette, or a specific type. 

We spent our winter months finding just the right box to transport our farm fresh flowers to you and map out a plan to package them for the ride. Each box will contain ten bunches with a minimum of 100 stems that include focal, line, and airy booms, as well as an abundance of filler flowers. Inside, every bunch will have a hydrating wrap, so they have a water source during transit. Additionally, since the specific blooms in your box are a delightful surprise, we’ll be labeling each bunch, so you can identify each bunch as it's unwrapped. These boxes will be packed with lots of blooms and lots of love.


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