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Introducing The Harmony Harvest Farm Designer Collections

Introducing The Harmony Harvest Farm Designer Collections

After many months of behind the scenes work, I am so excited and utterly thrilled to reveal to you what we have been toiling so hard to curate. Being on both sides of the equation has provided me with a unique perspective of both designer and farmer. I talked more about this, and how each is affected by the supply chain in last week’s blog

Here’s the thing, we're not a flower wholesaler and will never be able to compete with imported hydrangea, carnation, roses, and the like. That’s not the point of what we’re doing, and there’s a place for both. Those easily obtained and imported flowers are the backbone of most designer’s proposals. They enable you to be specific, and with a little planning, you get precisely what you want.                                   

This year, we’re bringing the magic you crave directly to your door. Harmony Harvest Farm will soon begin shipping a farm-fresh collection in four distinct, locally grown color stories to help your creations sing. Each box will contain a unique blend of ten abundant bunches that represent the season’s signature blossoms, allowing you the very best of nature’s bounty at the time of your event. 

Because we’re committed to making the model work for both farmer and designer, your blooms will always be in your color palette, but the specific type will be a pleasant surprise. While you won’t know the particular flowers that are included in each box, we know what works, and carefully select booms that we know will be successful in any design plan.   

The Collections


BLANC includes ten grower bunches in various shades of white, cream, and ivory. A gathering of the ever popular and classical all-white color palette, this box finds a place in every aesthetic.

A beautiful sampling of some of the most sought-after pastel tones, SOFT includes ten grower bunches of farm-fresh goodness. The perfect gathering for light nods to color, this collection features blooms ranging from light pink to powdery baby blue and everything in between. 

ESSENTIAL features ten bunches of floral staples in neutral shades and tones. From soft blush to dusty brown hues, this palette works with almost all color stories and includes a mixture of textural ingredients such as pods, seed heads, etc. and fresh blooms.

For the bold and the beautiful, VIBRANT comes with ten grower bunches of fresh flowers for design theories that require that extra va-va-voom. These jewel-inspired blooms in strong saturated tones are perfect for an energetic pop or to make a compelling visual presence.


​​Each box is lovingly packed, where every bunch comes *with* a water source, and are shipped to you moments after they are harvested and conditioned. Besides quality packaging, we realize the importance of a swift delivery so all collections will be sent overnight directly from the farm. By working for the most economical delivery methods and setting collection prices that are industry competitive, the per stem price makes using Harmony Harvest Farm flowers a profitable and enjoyable experience.

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