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The Green Effect

This season, much like last, has been mild and unseasonably early.  The birds are back, the spring peepers fill the night air with songs, and the blooms seem to be arriving a bit earlier than expected.  All of this signals spring but for me, it doesn’t really feel like spring until the “green” arrives.  You know, that instantaneous coating of fresh green that appears almost overnight after a good soaking shower flushes it out.

That shift to vibrant green is how I know spring is here to stay. There just isn’t anything quite like the feel of tender fresh grass underfoot or looking out among a sea of green pastoral views.  The awakening of growth means it is only a matter of time before that vibrant green swath gives way to endless rows of color.  We have already begun the first harvests of the season and look forward to visiting with all of our florist and designer friends as we begin our new wholesale season of 2017.


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