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Love Conquers All: Harmony Harvest Farm partners with the Cancer Support Community

Love Conquers All: Harmony Harvest Farm partners with the Cancer Support Community

Love Conquers All

Many of you know Harmony Harvest Farm as your source for beautiful, fresh-cut flowers delivered straight from our farm in Weyers Cave, Virginia. What you might not know is the story behind why we do what we do. Flowers are more than just a pretty sight for us –they're a way to speak volumes, especially when words fall short.

This Mother's Day and throughout June, we're partnering with a cause that's particularly close to our hearts – a fundraiser campaign with the Cancer Support Community (CSC).

This collaboration comes from a deeply personal place. We lost our grandma, Nonnie, to cancer when we were young. It was a tough time for our family as we navigated her illness. Mom, (Chris), took on the incredible responsibility of caring for Nonnie with the support of our aunts and a truly wonderful hospice nurse named Em.

Those days were a blur of figuring things out on the fly. The time she spent living with us was hard. It was a lot of work for Mom and our aunts to care for her the way she needed. Giving her meds on time, and keeping her comfortable was our main priority, but also making sure she enjoyed her remaining days. It was heartwrenching – there was no guide or roadmap, there was no one who could tell us if we were doing it right. Every day we were figuring it out depending on how Nonnie was feeling or what she needed.

Our hospice nurse, Em, made such an impact on our lives during that time. How could we have done it without her? She told us what to do, gave us advice, made Nonnie comfortable, mediated within the family, and so much more. Her role was vital to us. And you know what we wished we had thought to do? Give her flowers. Thank her. Show her all the love and gratitude we felt, but maybe couldn’t communicate.

Nonnie's spirit is everywhere with us on the farm. We see her in every vibrant bloom and every bouquet we send out. This visionary woman continues to inspire us, especially Jessica, my sister, co-owner, and founder of Harmony Harvest. It's with this spirit and a deep love for our community that we're partnering with CSC.

The Cancer Support Community (CSC) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting and strengthening people impacted by cancer. They achieve this mission by fostering compassionate communities, providing support services, and breaking down barriers to care through education, research, and advocacy.

Their work is exemplified by the story of Denyse, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. In a moving video testimonial, Denyse shares how CSC was there for her during a difficult time, and helped her realize she wasn't alone. This experience inspired Denyse to become a patient advocate, and her story reinforces the importance of organizations like CSC.

To learn more about Denyse's story and see CSC’s vibrant community, you can watch their videos here:


Here's how CSC can specifically help you or your loved ones:

  • Professionally Led Support and Navigation: CSC offers support groups, navigation, and other resources to help you cope with the emotional and practical challenges that can come with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Social Connections: They foster a compassionate community where you can connect with others who understand what you're going through.
  • Award-Winning Education: From booklets and videos to tip sheets and webinars, CSC provides educational resources to help you make informed decisions about your or your loved one's care.
  • Breaking Down Barriers:  They advocate for meaningful policies that have positive impact at the state and federal level.

These resources are available at 190 Cancer Support Community, Gilda's Club, and healthcare partner locations, as well as online and over the phone - all at no cost. 

Together, let's use the beauty of flowers to bring hope and support to those affected by cancer. Remember, sometimes there are no words, but there's always beauty.


Here's how you can help:

  • Purchase the Love Conquers All Bouquet: We've created a beautiful Mother's Day & Cancer Survivor Day bouquet dedicated to CSC. A portion of the proceeds will go directly towards supporting their mission.
  • Spread the Word: Share our campaign with your friends and family. Help us raise awareness for CSC's vital work..
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