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Woodland Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Hi there, Mackenzie (HHF floral designer) here! Possibly the most versatile of all of our flower frogs is our pin cups - since they hold water themselves, you don’t need a watertight vase to put them in, which really opens up the possibilities of how they can be used. One way I love to use pin cups is to cover it up to create a magical look as if the flowers are growing right out of the table - in this case I used sphagnum moss, but this easy trick can be used with lots of different materials!

These arrangements would be so stinking cute on top of wood slices and paired with some succulents. To enhance the foresty feel, adding in some birch pillar candles would effortlessly connect the table with the pin cup arrangements.I could talk all day about moss, woodland critters, and so much more, but let's talk about how to create this! 

First, I filled a pin cup with water. I used a green pin cup to blend in with my moss a little better. Then, I placed the sphagnum moss around the cup - this stuff stayed in place well enough that I didn’t feel the need to attach it to the pin cup, but if you’re worried about wind or other unpredictable elements, you could use glue dots, double sided tape, or even hot glue to secure the moss to the cup (disclaimer - using adhesives may damage the paint on your pin cup).

Then, I just got to designing! In this case, I liked the idea of the flowers sprouting upwards, but you could keep the flowers tighter to the pin cup or even sprawling outwards. You could also connect moss between multiple arrangements to create a longer design to run along a tablescape for the ultimate whimsical woodland aesthetic - this would be amazing for a forest-themed wedding!

I had such a fun time creating this arrangement, but the most fun part was how it sparked so many other ideas about how else I could hide pin cups to create magical-looking arrangements! If you found a creative way to use pin cups, whether it’s hiding them in a non-watertight container or using a surprising material to cover it like I did here, please send us pictures at!

This project was *so easy* that I think anyone could do it. The Harmony Harvest Essential Box of bulk flowers is perfect for any DIYers planning a woodland themed wedding! It has everything from flowers, to textured foliage, and interesting, not run of the mill florals!  Shop online for nationwide shipping on bulk flowers (and don't forget your pin cup flower frogs!), and get to creating some ethereal tablescapes!

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