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Flower Myths

Flower Myths

Growing up, we were told a lot of different things about flowers, but like many “facts” we learn in our childhood, some things turn out to be just plain false. From the way flowers smell, to how you should care for them, we took a look at our top four flower myths and decided to debunk them. Just call us the John and Brian of the flower world. (C’mon, you had to have watched MythBusters, right?)


THE MYTH: Not all flowers have a scent.

False! All flowers do have a scent, it just might not be detectable by humans (although our sense of smell is actually better than traditionally thought). And what’s even cooler is that smells can unlock memories. Sniff a sprig of lavender? Suddenly you have a flashback to visiting your great aunt’s house in 1995. Flower scent can also vary from variety to variety. For example, some lilies have a really strong fragrance while others are more subtle.

THE MYTH: A dark vase makes your flowers last longer.

True! Flowers love the sun when they’re growing but after they’re cut? Not so much. Direct sunlight can cause your blooms to decay faster so we always recommend that you display them away from windows and using a dark vase will shield them even more! Think of it as sunglasses for your stems.

THE MYTH: Cut flowers need flower food.

It’s complicated. Can that be a category? I’m making it a category. Here’s the deal: if you change your vase water like you’re supposed to (every day), you don’t really need flower food. It helps prevent bacteria from growing, but so does having fresh water. But if you are going to use flower food, you don’t need to use it all at once. Instead, give your flowers a sprinkle every few days.

THE MYTH: You can’t have flowers if you have pets.

False (mostly). Certain varieties of flowers are poisonous to animals if ingested - you can find a list here. But don’t let that stop you from filling your home with floral happiness! Many experts say that animals will naturally avoid things that can make them sick, but if you have an extra curious animal, we recommend displaying your flowers out of their reach. 

What are other flower myths that you’ve heard? Have you busted them? We’d love to know some of your favorite flower myths (especially if they’re proven!)

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