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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!! I (Zoe) love giving gifts, but sometimes I struggle to come up with creative ideas. I decided to go through our website and pick out some things that would be good for loved ones in my (and your) life.

To make things a little easier, I put together my favorites based on who you might be buying for! 

Farrah the Aspiring Flower Head

Aspires to work in the floral industry and wears her hair in a middle part. Around here, we’d lump Steph into this group.

This girl loves some flower inspo, so our You Grow Girl tee will keep her stylish and comfortable during all those floral design and flower farming workshops! I also threw in the hairpin holder because Farrah has a serious appreciation for throwbacks, sustainability, and anything that will up her design game. These are always a win-win.


Meredith the Mother

Dependent on her Google Calendar and Instant Pot. This is *so* Jess. 

If you gift her a bouquet subscription, this hard-working mom will get farm-fresh flowers delivered directly to her door from May to October. Every box is sure to put a smile on her face! Of course, I also had to include our “Mum’s the Word” mug because it would be perfect for all her coffee or tea.


Laura the Local Lover

Never misses a Farmer’s Market and loves to go on fast-paced walks in the park. If anyone at Harmony Harvest is a Laura, it’s Harleigh!

As the queen of Pinterest DIYs, this friend would love a Dried Flower Crafter’s Box. She’ll be able to incorporate the dried blooms into projects and let her creativity shine! Another great gift would be Candle Ring Vases, so she can add floral flair to her dining table amongst the charcuterie boards and hard kombucha.


Gloria the Gardener

Can name every flower she sees and has a Country Living subscription. Gloria reminds us of our grandmother - she knew *everything* about plants and taught us how to grow beautiful things. 

The Flexrake® Snips are durable enough to cut through those stubborn bushes in her garden and are super comfortable, with an ~aesthetic~ wooden handle. And every green thumb needs gloves. These are the ones Jess swears by - they’re touchscreen-friendly!


I hope this guide helps and y’all have a wonderful holiday season! Be sure to send this post to whoever your Santa is (wink wink).

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