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How to keep tulips from dropping

How to keep tulips from dropping

Spring is here, and with it comes the arrival of beautiful tulips. These popular spring flowers are known for their bright colors and unique shape, making them the perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Whether you are decorating your home or planning a special event, tulips are a perfect choice.

Caring for tulips during their vase life

Go ahead and give them a small snip off the stem and throw them into some water as soon as you receive them! Tulips are heavy drinkers, and they are likely very thirsty and possibly drooping from their journey to you. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that they are dying! Keep in mind that tulips love fresh water. To get the most out of your tulips, make sure to keep them in a cool, well-lit area and change the water in their vase regularly.

Why tulips droop

Tulips can be playful little dancers in their vase because they will continue to grow when you have them in water. They rely on water to keep their stems strong, but because of their movement, drooping is to be expected. However, if you have an occasion that you need them to stand up tall for, tightly wrap them in newspaper and put them in water the night before. When you take the paper off, their stems will be nice and straight. 

Designing with tulips

One of the unique features of tulips is that they continue to grow after being cut. This means that if you tuck them down in your arrangement, they will peek out as time goes on, giving your arrangement a dynamic and ever-changing look. 

Tulips are a lot of fun to play with. Not only because of all the different colors that they come in but also because of a fun trick you can do with their petals. You can gently bend back their petals to give them a different look in a design. This technique is called "reflexing" and can give your tulips a more dramatic and modern appearance. However, it's important to note that reflexing does shorten the vase life of the tulips, so make sure to enjoy them as soon as possible after doing this.



The classic Spring flower

In conclusion, tulips are beautiful and versatile spring flowers that can add color and elegance to any setting. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just looking to add a touch of spring to your home, tulips are a great choice. Remember to tuck them down in your arrangement so that they peek out as time goes on, to enjoy them as soon as possible after reflexing, and to maintain fresh water in the vase. Happy Spring!

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