The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Spring (and love!) are in the air

The Crop Report | Spring (and love!) are in the air

Love is in the air. And so are spring temps wahoo! We interrupt The Mum Project update for a real-time farm update….the season has sprung! Well, not exactly but the workload sure did!

We are fast and furious moving forward with mum cuttings and development of our Chrysanthemum mother stock but in addition, we are tightening up some of our workspaces and prepping beds and seed needs. The summer crop of Lisianthus will be here shortly after Valentine's and the ranunculus, anemone, and poppies are all thriving and require regular inspections, watering, and fertilization.


While the farm works to knock out these projects, we have also cross-trained everyone on the design fulfillment of our different bouquets. The days leading up and Valentine’s Day is going to require all hands on the design deck so planning and preparing have been instrumental. Everyone has assisted in receiving and processing the daily deliveries of beautiful blooms from our friends in California and here in Virginia. It offers our farm side and marketing team a unique perspective of flowers outside of our farm and what the design table workflow looks like.

Our Valentine’s schedule of events is massive so everyone is stepping up to help by helping make bouquets and greeting guests at the farm store. We are all excited to celebrate the global floral holiday of the year, otherwise known as Tuesday (sorry, Elizabeth I had to steal that, it was just too good).

Steph and I will be working the floral corner in our local town of Verona just like last year and we hope to see you and spread a little floral love your way!

XOXO, Jess

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