The Crop Report

The Crop Report | Holiday Plan(t)s

The Crop Report | Holiday Plan(t)s

Well, the countdown is on (not like that little elf on my shelf hasn’t been counting down since Thanksgiving)! This weekend will be our last Saturday open of the year! We still have a few greens and wreaths around for last-minute housewarming gifts and our cozy little shop is full of the perfect secret Santa and white elephant gifts that people will actually WANT.

If you’re looking for something to get out and do before Christmas, stop on in and create some holiday crafts with the kids. The dried flower stocking and ornaments have been a huge hit! We are already brainstorming on what Holiday crafts we will have for next year.

While the holidays have kept us busy enough, the farm planning and production continue. This week poppies and ranunculus were planted and another round of ranunculus is slated for planting in early ‘23. Even with all our tight controls on inventory, we ended up with an ABUNDANCE of ranunculus corms. Over the season we occasionally end up with extras of our favorite flower crops and we thought we would start offering them to you! Join our new grower newsletter list to find out when we have availability over the course of the year from live plants to dahlia tubers and seeds. We want to share with those of you interested in growing along with us!

I’ve decked my own halls with the last armload of greens and put some oranges and cloves on the stove to simmer. The holidays are settling in and I’m excited to close out another year with my family and tribe and you!

XOXO, Jess

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