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The Crop Report | Experimenting With Mums

Farmers are nothing more than a bunch of scientists in overalls. We test out theories, tweak techniques, and compare apples to apples (and sometimes potatoes and tomatoes too). There is so much to learn in the garden, and we try to pick a few science projects to document each year.

The mum crop is always a sure bet. There is a TON to unpack in this specific crop to keep us trialing for years to come. So in 2021, when Ball Horticultural heard we were curious about running some growing trials, they asked us if we would be game to test out some new varieties.

Of course, my answer was yes! Thanks to that very successful trial and our heirloom mum collection, we found ourselves hanging out with photographers for Southern Living. This year, Ball Horticultural asked us to host another variety trial and with a stacked lineup of 35 new mum oddities, we can’t wait to show you our growing results!

From stem length and bloom count to growing habits and successes, we can’t wait to share all the nerdy mum facts with you at our first-ever Virtual Mum Summit on November 4th. Tickets are cheap and can be snatched up on Facebook. And if you can’t commit to watching us live, ticket holders will have access to the recording to watch at a later time. We will have our entire Grow Team and our esteemed Ball Horticultural mentor, Dave Dowling, answering questions and giving real-time opinions and insights. With two 96’ grow tunnels and an entire field of outdoor mum production, we can show you who faired best and who faired worst. You won’t want to miss your chance to be Judge Judy of the mum world!

And if you can join us in person the following day, November 5th will be our Mum Showcase. With an in-person viewing of our coveted crop tunnel by tunnel, we will also be talking all things mums, enjoying a design demo from expert TJ McGrath, and spending some communal time flowering the mum sign in style with our queen crop - the chrysanthemum. Make sure to grab your ticket as spots are limited. With two different ways to nerd out on flower facts, I hope you will find a way to join me and enjoy all the amazing details of my favorite flower, mums!

XOXO, Jess

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