Flower Farmer Tours

Get a peek behind the curtain at our farm.

Believe it or not, we've failed at flower farming over the years - A LOT. That said, we've always overcome them by being able to lean on fellow farmers who have helped us solve problems based on their own experiences. If you're starting a farm or growing an existing farm, the Flower Farm Tours are a great opportunity for you to see our operation and pick our brains about your unique challenges. 


Each Flower Farmer Tour last about an hour and half and cover the burning questions you have about creating an efficient and profitable flower farm. At the beginning of each tour, we'll ask you what challenges you're facing and what you're most interested in seeing. Though we don't have the answers to everything, we're happy to talk through how we've overcome the same or similar road blocks!

    These are walking tours, and while most of the ground is even, proper footware is important. To learn more about what you can expect when visiting the farm, check out our FAQ page



    Flower Farmer Tours are offered once a month and are $100 per person. Click "Book Now" to see available dates and to get your ticket!