About Us

In 2011, a family of farmers with a creative knack decided to break the rules. The result was Harmony Harvest Farm.

Technically, Harmony Harvest Farm is a 20-acre cut flower farm located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that ships mixed bouquets and bulk flowers nationwide and offers a local agritourism experience. To us however, the farm is so much more than that. It's a way to build connections between people, strengthen our community, and rediscover the wonder of Mother Nature. Harmony Harvest Farm's story is woven with the idea that all people can find joy together - and this story is punctuated by flowers.

The farm is owned and operated by sisters Jessica Hall and Stephanie Duncan, and their mom, Chris Auville, or as they like to call her, The Lady Monarch. 


A Certified American Grown farm, Harmony Harvest Farm grows nearly 400 varieties across 100 different types of flower including anemone, ranunculus, peonies, hydrangea, dahlias, and heirloom mums. The farm’s calling card crop is the heirloom mums, where their expertise has led to the farm’s position as a national trial farm for new varieties being brought to market by international breeders. 

While shipping flowers isn’t a new concept, Harmony Harvest Farm has pioneered flower shipping directly from the fields to the end consumer in the United States. We take pride in delivering stunning, fresh-cut, farm-grown flowers to floral enthusiasts across the US. We believe that using premium blooms shouldn’t be a limited by geography, or complicated. As farmers, we believe in simple, and as designers, we believe in quality.

Our commitment to providing both at-home and professional designers with premium flowers and arranging tools pilots our journey to becoming an incubator for creativity.