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Statement Arrangements

Statement Arrangements

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Statement arrangements are extra-large floral designs meant to be placed on barrels, columns, or risers. With the option of greenery only or floral embellished, these statement arrangements can be easily transitioned to different event areas. Each arrangement is foam-free and designed in a low plastic dish, meaning they are lightweight. This makes transitioning easy but may need to be secured if placed on a tall column or riser outdoors. Each statement arrangement measures roughly 28" wide and 16" tall to make an impactful addition to your ceremony or reception décor.

To ensure your flowers look their best, we strongly recommend picking them up on the day of your event. Our statement arrangements use water picks (small tubes holding water on stems) to keep them hydrated for the day, but are difficult to refill and may run dry if held overnight, which may leave these flowers too thirsty to perform their best on your big day.

Color Palettes

When it comes to flowers, we're not always able to match colors exactly - but we can get them close and they WILL be beautiful. Please note that we only use fresh flowers so colors like silver, gold, and even blue can be a little hard to incorporate. If we aren't able to accommodate your exact color palette, we'll reach out well before your wedding date to nail down details. 

Pickup Contact

This is the person we call if your flowers haven't been picked up and we're starting to worry. If you don't know who this will be at the time of booking, give us the phone number of someone we can call on your big day. We prefer not to bother the person or persons of honor because we don't want to interrupt your fun. Give us the bestie, the parent, or the aunt Judy who knows how to get things done. 

Our Approach

At Harmony Harvest Farm, we believe in celebrating the seasonality of fresh, American-grown flowers. Our wedding and special event arrangements are guided by your selected color palette using flowers sourced exclusively from our farm during the season, or from other American farming families when it's too cold in the Valley. This means that we cannot guarantee specific flower varieties for your arrangements. 

If you're looking for something very specific for your statement arrangements, this might not be the right option for you. But what we can guarantee is that your flowers will be show-stopping for your wedding day or special event.

To learn more about our wedding and special event flower services, visit our FAQs page

On-Farm Pickup

All wedding and special event flowers are available for pickup ONLY. Delivery and installation are not available for any of our wedding packages. We strongly recommend flowers are picked up on the day of your event.

Order Modifications

All wedding items must be booked at least 30 days ahead of your chosen pickup date. No items can be removed from your order within 30 days of the pickup date, and adding items to an order is approved on a case-by-case basis.

Designed products such as boutonnieres, corsages, or wedding flowers are available for pick up only at the farm. Click here for hours and directions.