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Designing with an Idiot: The Farmer and the Frog Box


It's the first episode of our newest series, Designing with an Idiot. In this video, Jessica (professional floral designer) will show her sister Stephanie (the idiot) how to design using an Oval Blue Ribbon Hairpin Flower Holder. Watch now as the girls show you exactly how to process farm-fresh flowers, and design a stunning arrangement using our signature Farmer and the Frog Box!

This is a great tutorial for folks learning how to use fresh flowers to design without floral foam! The Blue Ribbon Hairpin holders and a vintage classic and made exclusively by Floral Genius, a sister company of Harmony Harvest Farm. If you're interested in finding out how to use flower frogs (also known as kenzan) to create foam-free flower arrangements, this is the perfect beginner tutorial for you!

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