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The Crop Report Week 33 | Growing People

The Crop Report Week 33 | Growing People

There are a lot of different things grown on this farm, but I am most proud of the people we grow. We have shared many of the faces that help produce the beautiful blooms on social media, but there is so much more to our connection with these folks.

Some of these faces are family; Mom, Steph, and I have all grown so much throughout this journey and our connection and rhythm with each other has matured. We have grown closer with our aunt and uncle as they come to the farm each week to take care of mowing and maintenance. My Aunt Tama now knows which plants to NOT mow over, and my Uncle Daniel has learned that cut flowers always need water. I have learned how to lay out beds that are easier to mow around, and how important it is to slow down and spend a few extra minutes with family when they are making an effort to connect. Through this farm, we have found ways to connect and foster growth within our immediate family tree.

Friendships have strengthened too, as some of our earliest (and even childhood) friends help us and are just as dedicated to sharing our message: live a better life through flowers. We have been a part of births, deaths, engagements, and weddings, not to mention once-in-a-lifetime pandemics. We hold these monumental life moments as near and dear to us as our own. As folks “figure out life”, the family farm remains steadfast.  

My favorite personal growth to see is actually from our seasonal farmers. These great folks assist us with the onslaught of summer work, and due to the timing and high speed of the position, it tends to attract high school and college-age help. I feel like I froze during this time of life, so I find myself in good company to get through the daily grind. What better place to figure out the world than on a family flower farm? The backdrop certainly makes growing pains easier for both the crops and farmers.

I've seen folks learn new languages, plan backpacking trips across America, and determine their worth and the relationships they choose to invest in. These folks grow faster than the flowers, I swear! They learn more about themselves in one season than they ever could about the crops and I love standing back in observation. Typically, these faces are just like the annual flowers we sow. They may disappear from the landscape during the cold months, but when the days begin to warm and nature wakes back up, they greet us for a new season. Returning seasonal field crew texts are my favorite!

We had to say goodbye to the majority of our summer farmers this past week and the upcoming days are full of training for our fall farmers as the next seasonal projects begin to unfold. We are still building our team to carry us into the holidays (which we are already preparing for!), so if you know of anyone who wants to grow, feel free to send them to the “Join Our Team” page! 

Working here doesn't mean forever as an employee, but it does mean forever as part of the family. This farm draws folks back year after year and when I see familiar faces stroll in, I can’t help but smile thinking about how far they have come. Life is a journey, and we love being along for the ride.

We grow people with the same passion we grow flowers because that's where the real investment pays off. It’s one of the core values we operate by; you see that in every box we ship. We care. Because here, we all grow together.

-xoxo, Jess

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