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The Crop Report | Synergy

The Crop Report | Synergy

Did you pick a word for the new year? I've seen many folks do this as a guiding light and thought it was a pretty cool concept, so I jumped on the bandwagon. I spent a lot of time learning last year and becoming more aware of my place in this big wide world. It was a hard process, not good or bad, just real. But at the end of 2021, it left me with a lot of “stuff” and I felt a need to find something to DO with it.

So, I tunnel focused that drive into selecting my word of the year. As a grower I toyed with the words growth, cultivate, sow, all the basic language that I'm surrounded by. But none of those felt like the one - at least the one that I felt compelled to guide me in 2022. I was a little lost watching Facebook post after Instagram Reel of others talking about it just “coming to them” but it wasn't happening for me.

Honestly, it wasn’t until we already had rolled the calendar into 2022 after I had given up hope in selecting a beacon word that it kind of did reveal itself. It was during my quiet time early in the morning, trying to find my desk under the layers of holiday sediment, that I was doing some internal reflecting. What was it that I loved so much about last year -  I mean it couldn’t all be bad right? Right. I loved watching more and more people receive our flowers and begin their floral journey. I loved watching my team find specific passions on the farm and allowing them to pursue them. I loved the “click” of the business that my mom, my sister, and I all found in our roles this year. I loved so many different things, but the uniting factor was the energy that I was creating. 

So energy. How can I grow it moving forward? Growing, after all, is what I’m good at. My answer: synergy! I finally had my word. Synergy is a combination of forces that results in a greater output. I want to combine all the flower fire I can in 2022 and I feel confident that I can do that, but only with help.

Synergy is quite literally the combination of contributors, so to achieve this I have to go back to the old rural saying “it takes a village”. We can accomplish this with the flowers we plant, the crops we rotate, and the control measures we use. It's also applicable to the direction of the farm itself, giving you the full immersion experience from getting flowers shipped to your home to visiting the farm and enjoying the gardens, events, and workshops we have planned.  

Synergy is also how we will grow as a team. Learning how to better communicate as a group, seeing each other's challenges, and working through them together. We have so many wonderful people fully checked in to the Harmony Harvest vision and I'm excited about using the synergy of our tribe to make this an unforgettable year of flowers.

We are already doing things to spark the synergy like our Mum Garden Box and growing course. We knew we had the pilot light burning when we launched, but seeing the overwhelming interest and support just confirms we are headed in the right direction to do some powerful stuff.  We are working so hard to continue to grow this fireworks explosion of mum synergy and will keep you in the loop as we find ways to help you discover even more mums!

We also felt that zap grow this past week with the Flower Farmer Summit. I had SO. MUCH. FUN. Y’ALL! It was a hoot to hang out and chat all things flowers with you and it was so rewarding to feel the power of that synergy we were building together there. We will continue to find more ways to engage with you this year as it filled our hearts as much as you said it filled yours.

I'm excited to see what we can do together. Synergy is now written in a few places: my underwear drawer, on my vision board by my desk, in my wallet, in the van, and tucked in a few other key spots. I'm not letting it out of my line of sight during my 2022 walk. So what's guiding you this year? Did you pick a word and how are you planning to use it? Tell me - I would love to know!


xoxo, Jess

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