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The Crop Report | Designing a Floral Workshop Experience

This week the farm is a bustling hive of activity as we begin the first phase of setting up for Flower Fair! I’ve been spending some extra time with the design table, talking about our floral projects for the upcoming event, and hashing out ideas for our pre-fair workshop.

As we combed over the requests on what to cover from our community, we kept hearing the reoccurring theme of how to design with the flower frogs we make and sell. For us, using them comes so naturally, but we remembered what it was like the first few times we were faced with a bucket of flowers and a heavy little metal frog in our hands.

We took the discussion to the field and after consulting with the farm team, realized we would have the perfect flower combinations to make beginner foam-free design not only awesomely beautiful but incredibly easy. From lisianthus to dahlias to fillers like sweet Annie and winged everlasting, the bounty of the fields shines even brighter when sustainably arranged in our frogs. It’s a skill that comes in handy as a party trick, too.

So the farmers are mapping out a solid harvest plan from the design team’s ingredient list to make this workshop one of the most lovely design experiences we have put together to date! We will be gathering in our Heritage Barn which has been newly remodeled and we just can’t wait to show it off… pink floors and all! 

And if you know anything about us you know we enjoy the finer comforts of life like snacks so we are over the moon that data farmer Elizabeth will be dusting off her pastry skills to help us enjoy some treats for this morning time design workshop.

I can’t wait to start one of my favorite days of the year in the Heritage Barn with beautiful blooms, delicious treats, and smiling friends. Will you join me

XOXO, Jess

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