The Crop Report

The Crop Report | So Many Blooms

The Crop Report | So Many Blooms

Mother Nature must have checked the calendar and saw that Mother’s Day is quickly approaching because she’s coming in hot! This past week we saw temps spike to the 80s and the days felt a little more like summer than spring. A few of these ultra-hot days coupled with some steady rain have put the farm in overdrive.  

We always say that Mothers Day is the Super Bowl of our business so projecting and planning as many flowers for that specific day is always the goal. This year, our team hit the mark and then some. With buckets upon buckets of ranunculus, poppies, amsonia (a personal fav and bonus points for being a blue flower) along with fritillaria and the last of the daffodils, our cooler is stocked. Each day a new crop hits the harvest list; snapdragons and bachelor buttons, statice and orlaya - the farm is in full color.

The grass is getting its weekly cut and Wednesday afternoons we all look forward to fresh-cut grass between our toes on break. Everywhere I look more of the farm is springing to life: lily of the valley is starting to show the first pips, columbine has buds shooting up and the perennial field looks like it came to life overnight with a few overachievers already trying to bloom (that's you fall anemone, wrong season!)  

We have prepared our summer fields and will begin covering them for first plantings to make sure the sequence of color we have started doesn't slow. We have started a new mum field that will be fabricated over the next few weeks as we take as many cuttings from our mother stock as we can. The growth of the farm is happening all around us and it feels really good to be in a humming community with nature.

Weaving all these extra spring chores into the now-long task of harvest can have us all feeling a bit overwhelmed. But in a few weeks, we will adjust to the new rhythm and the abundant harvest will feel more manageable. It wasn't but just a month or so ago we were pining for any bloom we could find and today we have more than we can gather. When it comes to flowers, there are never too many.

Next week we take all our hard work and send it out in the world to do its job to make folks smile and as many mommas as proud as we possibly can. It's one of the most rewarding holidays that we work and even though there’s the stress and anxiety of executing such an important holiday, it’s one that certainly fills our hearts with pride. Just snag one of our bouquets and you’ll see what I mean!

XOXO, Jess

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