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What’s Your Frog? Hairpins vs Pin Holders

Whether you’re new to using flower frogs, or are experienced in using one style or another, which to use when has become a burning question from the floral community. At their core, the hairpin holder and the pin holder do essentially the same thing, however there are a two primary things to consider when you’re choosing the frog that’s best for you.

Skill Level: Hairpins are perfect for beginners looking to create a fresh, garden inspired design. The curved pins are a little more forgiving on the fingertips, and each pin is totally flexible so you can mold the holder into the ideal foundation your creation needs. If you’re making a bigger arrangement, we recommend using a size that’s 2-½” or larger as these sizes have a unique lipped rim which holds stems in place even at a horizontal angle.

Product: Pin frogs can achieve the above but with a little more patience and practice. The sharp pins are placed close together to allow for large branches and woody materials to lay the groundwork for your designs. These versatile holders are ideal for creating sleek, modern designs where the focus is on only a few blooms with minimal vase interference.

And don’t forget about the cups! The pin cups carry the same characteristics as the pin holders - and water. If you’re looking to create something unique, but can’t find the right vase - go without using a watertight pin cups!