Business Memeberships

When it comes to flowers, we mean business. 

To us, the most successful businesses have one thing in common - they take care of their people. Your customers and your team are your two most important assets and we believe that through flowers, we can help keep those relationships blooming. 

Harmony Harvest Farm offers a variety of services and experiences exclusively for our business partners including:

  • Discounts on flower orders with nationwide shipping available!
  • Employee discounts for on-farm experiences
  • Corporate gifting (ask us about holiday wreaths!)
  • On-farm venue services for meetings and retreats
  • Flower-filled team-building experiences on the farm, or at your business
  • Discounts on holiday preorders for employees

Don’t forget - we offer nationwide shipping on most of our flower and holiday wreath products! 


FREE Business Memberships

To take advantage of our corporate services and receive your discount, all you have to do is sign up for a free business membership - it’s that easy! With your membership, you’ll immediately get 5% off all everyday flower orders* -AND- your employees will receive $5 off any pick-your-own experience at the farm!** 

To register for a free business membership, contact Chris at

Executive Level Memeberships

Our Executive Level membership is perfect for businesses who invest in corporate gifting throughout the year. Billed monthly at $200, this membership allows you to get the most out of your budget with a 15% discount on all everyday flower orders* or on-farm experiences! Additionally, with our Executive Level Membership, your employees will receive $5 off any pick-your-own experience at the farm** and FREE admission into our annual Flower Fair!

To register for an Executive Level Membership, contact Chris at

*Discount not eligible on sale items or shipping/delivery charges.**Employees must present proof of employment (badge/business card) to redeem a pick-your-own discount.