The Crop Report

The Crop Report: Week 1 | Digging Mums

The Crop Report: Week 1 | Digging Mums

It's a new year y'all! We made it out of 2020, and I'm kicking off the new year the best way this flower farming gal knows how. Knee deep in potting soil and plants, tucked inside a warm high tunnel.

Did you know most people who grow plants professionally (think nurseries, garden centers, and flower farmers like us) talk about the year by weeks? We speak of week numbers 1-52 and plan out tasks and schedule orders that way.

In the grower's world, this is how crop cycles work. How many weeks until this seedling can be planted? What week should I start that crop? How many weeks until that baby blooms and for how long? So, I've decided that The Crop Report will serve as a weekly diary of what we are tackling on the farm.

Say hello to week one. Monday, we started with the huge project of removing last year's mum crop to make way for the baby lisianthus due next month. Cassie acted as our emotional support dog, and I even found a rogue bloom that made it through December's chilly temps.

While digging the thousands of plants, we whined and cried at the thought of tossing these still strong, beefy, and full-of-life mums. So, we didn't. We figured, "why not share the love of growing?" and last week we launched The Mum Garden Box - which sold out within *hours*.

While the launch of The Mum Garden Box has put a little more pressure on us to knock this project out, there's nothing quite like starting a new year by checking off the first box on the to-do list. And, the fact that we are tossing these beautiful plants in a box for you instead of in the compost pile is a rewarding bonus!

xoxo, Jess
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