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The Crop Report | Wedding Flowers, Simplified

The Crop Report | Wedding Flowers, Simplified

Designing wedding florals has been one of my favorite creative outlets for our flowers. Back in high school, I worked in a retail florist shop and learned all the efficiencies for crafting boutonnieres and pulling wedding color palettes. I also attended the National Junior Horticulture Association Convention and did a whole presentation on corsages. To say crafting flowers to adorn folks on their special day has been deep-seated in me might be an understatement. Over the years, I've had the privilege of perfecting my craft with some of the world's leading designers; an ultimate high was creating with them using the blooms I've grown. The connection between nature, art, and love was so present in our wedding work and I like to think that was the magnetic connection for all the couples we have had the honor of designing for over the years.

But the sticking point for me, who always wanted to just focus on the art, was talking with happy couples about the costs. I hate talking money and find most people feel the same way. Each wedding was a custom quote so while we could offer guidance initially it always felt icky when we had to present THEIR specific prices contract. I also felt limited on how many people I could accommodate each week. There were so many lovely folks that understood what we do here and wanted to work with us for their special day but juggling multiple off-farm weddings on a Saturday was the pits and left me feeling rushed with little time to connect over the flowers. So we spent a solid year working to fix the things we didn’t like about offering wedding flowers and what we came up with is amazing!

I like the online shopping experience of putting all the crap I want in my cart and seeing what damage my dreams would do to my bank account, so we decided to make wedding shopping the same way for couples. We looked at the color options we had consistently done over the years and were able to work them into a dozen or so palettes. We made each piece available on the website covering all the details that we would in custom consultations. This now allows our happy couples to learn about us, the different styles and options, and select what they want from the comfort of their own space. 

We hammered out foam-free design mechanics that made big pieces typically done at the wedding venue available for pick up at the farm: arbors, garlands, and barrel arrangements can all be ordered online and picked up at the farm. We also feel so blessed that the design table has a fabulous new designer, Mackenzie, who has spent a solid year training and is now creating bouquets that I would rather carry than one I would make!

We are only offering American-grown flowers with our iconic farm-fresh vibe and it feels good to empower so many more happy couples to start their journey of discovering a better life through our flowers. Browse for yourself here!

XOXO, Jess

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