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We’re not florists.

We are vision-makers who thrive on turning emotion into art, and our favorite emotion is swoon.

Weaving personal style with breathtaking blooms, Harmony Harvest wedding designs are directed by our Designer and Chief, Jessica Hall; and Jessica is the master of swoon. Renowned for creating visual experiences that are bursting with the season’s best blossoms, Harmony Harvest is prided on a premium, organically-stunning aesthetic that has delighted our couples time and time again.

Harmony Harvest Farm provides full-service flower experiences in Central, and Northern Virginia. We work with each of our couples to create personalized designs crafted with premium, US grown flowers. Our wedding design services range from $3,000 - $10,000, but we can accommodate any budget with our seasonal bulk flower collections.

To learn more about our fresh cut floral design, use the form below to schedule your free consultation.

About the Designer

Jessica Hall has been a creative and romance-junkie her entire life. Flower-obsessed, Jessica is a co-founder of Harmony Harvest Farm, where her passion for pretty things unfolds each day in the form of seasonally vibrant blooms. Jessica is a foam-free floral designer and advocate for American Grown flowers which drives her dedication to design with alternative mechanics and domestically-grown flowers whenever possible.

A certified Chapel Designer, Jessica’s celebrated aesthetic had led to her involvement in high-profile event design including the First Lady’s Luncheon in Washington, DC.




Not sure where to start with planning your bouquets and accents? Use this free flower planner to help you understand just how many arrangements you'll need.

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