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They're handcrafted, and our hands are craftin'.

It's no surprise that The Hairpin Holders are one of our most popular flower frogs. It probably has something to do with the fact that the only place their made in the whole wide world is right here on our farm. That, and they're really *really* awesome. 

Each flower holder is handcrafted with every single pin set by hand. That's not the hard part though - the hard part is getting the materials we need, when we need them. We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate the new way we have to buy in today's supply chain, but don't worry - we're getting closer to nailing it! 

The supplies are here, and we're working hard to get through all of the backorders and have them back in the shop as soon as possible. We expect to have them back in stock in late April - if not sooner! If you'd like to be notified when The Hairpin Holders are back in stock, drop your email below. 

While we build inventory, our stock will sell *quickly*, so be quick! 

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