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What's Blooming on the Farm

Our bulk flower boxes are curated with the season's best blooms, which means our availability changes weekly. Here's what you can expect to find in our fresh flower bouquets and bulk flower collections! 

Updated: 8/5/21

 * limited quantities

understated pastels and soft tones


Dusty Miller* Snapdragon Tweedia
Dahlia Calla Lily Mint*
Lisianthus Dara* Eucalyptus


over-the-top color


Dianthus Balloon Flower* Phlox*
Snapdragon Billy Balls Alstromeria
Dahlia Coneflower* Calla Lily
Rudbeckia Lisianthus Sunflower*
Zinnia* Fuschia Salvia*
Triloba Gomphrena*


think texture with a touch of weird


Dusty Miller* Winged Everlasting Billy Balls
Lavender* Scabiosa Sea Holly*
Coneflower* Ageratum* Calla Lily
Rudbeckia Mint* Lisianthus
Dara* Limelight Hydrangea Eucalyptus
Sedum Sunflower* Zinnia*
Fuschia Salvia* Sea Oats* Feather Grass*
Gomphrena Amaranth*


whites and ivories with pops of green


Dusty Miller* Snapdragon Dahlia
Scabiosa Coneflower* Ageratum*
Lisianthus Limelight Hydrangea Eucalyptus


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