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Get a collection of the season’s most vibrant blooms each month with a Seasonal Bouquet Subscription from Harmony Harvest Farm! The subscription includes one over-stuffed bouquet per month from May to October that can be picked up from Harmony Harvest Farm on the second Wednesday or Friday of the month!

Email us at to subscribe to our fresh-cut flower bouquets!



This Valentine's Day, give bae six months worth of flowers and clutch bouquet or arrangement from Harmony Harvest Farm! 

Subscription + Clutch Boquet: $150

The subscription and clutch bouquet package includes a six-month bouquet subscription from May - October as well as a small bouquet. These Valentine's bouquets are designed in a white, pink, and red color palette and include a mixture of the season's most romantic blooms. 

Subscription + Arrangement: $175

The subscription and arrangement bouquet subscription includes a six-month bouquet subscription from May - October as well as a simple arrangement for your special someone. 

Valentines packages MUST be pre-booked by Friday, February 8th. You can pickup your pre-ordered subscription certificate, and bouquet or arrangement between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Wednesday February 13th - Friday February 15th. 

To order, email us at



About the Bouquet: It’s Awesome.

Each bouquet is a large, over-stuffed sampling of the season’s showiest blooms harvested exclusively from our fields. The bouquets are handmade by our floral magicians, so each one has its very own personality and guaranteed to include a colorful assortment of unique flowers and household favorites.

We only use the happiest-looking flowers, and in order to keep our bouquets lush and smiley, our flower gurus will choose the best ingredients each month. That said, if you’re allergic (either physically or emotionally) to certain flowers, we’ll do the best we can to accommodate.

Our awesome bouquets stay awesome when you treat them well. Each bouquet is packed ready for transport, their stems to be recut, and then placed in your favorite vase. You should pick up your flowers when you’re close to being home and keep them in a climate-controlled (cold) environment until they’re arranged. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, and always give them a fresh cut before putting them into clean water. You should remove wilted flowers and change water regularly to prevent bacteria from clogging stems.  

Subscription Dates: May to October

Our fields begin to flourish in late April and hibernate in early November. While we sometimes have flower before and after those times, this is a timeframe dictated by Mother Nature. To guarantee your blooms are at peak happiness when you get them, the subscription program includes one bouquet per month from May to October.

Cost: $135*

The total cost for Bouquet Subscription is $135 which includes one (1) bouquet per month for (6) six months from May to October.

*$135 is for the subscription ONLY. Promotional offers subject to different pricing.

Pickup Location: Harmony Harvest Farm

Bouquets are available for pickup on the second Wednesday and Friday of the month from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Harmony Harvest is a flower production farm and not open to the public, so we respectfully beg you to please pick up your bouquet during these times. We do understand that life happens, so if you, your bestie, sibling, in law, or any general member of your tribe is not available to pick up your bouquet that week, please email us as soon as possible at

Don’t worry, we will send you an email reminder each month, ensuring you don’t forget your bouquet during busy summer schedules. If you know you’re going to be out of town during the scheduled pickup week, please let us know and we’ll accommodate a different time.

How to Book: Email Us!

To book your subscription, email us at We’ll get all the necessary contact and payment information to confirm your order. Your subscription is not confirmed until we’ve received your payment.