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Join Harmony Harvest Farm as a flower patriot and support the American Grown Act! 

Introduced by Alaskan Congressman, Don Young, the American Grown Act is a bipartisan bill that ensures flowers and greens used in the White House and other Federal agencies are sourced from American farmers. 

With taglines like "Buy American" and "America First" promising the defense of American-made products, we believe it's time to hold our leaders accountable for these ideas from a floral standpoint. The American Grown Act only applies to federal agencies which represent a *very* small portion of the market's total revenue. The intent of the bill is not to affect import volume, rather garner support and for American agriculture from the top. 

This legislation is supported by Certified American Grown Flowers, and the California Cut Flower Commission. 

Click here to read the bill.  


There are many ways you can show your support for the American Grown Act:


It takes a village. There are many organizations that advocate for flower farmers across the country. If you're interested in joining their efforts, connect with them to see how you can be a part of keeping the American Grown Flower industry thriving.

Certified American Grown Flowers

The Cut Flower Caucus

The California Cut Flower Commission