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The Original Blue Ribbon Hairpin Flower Holders

Originally patented in 1936 by inventor, Ida Sinclair, the hairpin flower holders are a sought-after flower frog that has been coveted for decades. Exclusively manufactured by Floral Genius, the Blue Ribbon Hairpin Flower Holders feature a looped pin design perfect for creating foam-free arrangements with live or silk flowers. Each pin is handset and cast by our team of makers using the same process that Ida had created nearly a century ago. To learn more about Ida's story, click here to read the full history

Floral Genius is proudly the sister company of Harmony Harvest Farm. As the only US-made flower frogs, the Floral Genius flower frogs are renowned for exceptional quality. 
Les porte-fleurs originaux en épingle à cheveux Blue Ribbon! Les épingles flexibles vous permettent de concevoir sous n'importe quel angle, et les épingles arrondies font...
The Misfit Hairpins The Misfit Hairpins
$10.13 $13.50
$10.13 $13.50
Remember the Island of Misfit Toys? Well, have an island of misfit hairpins. These Blue Ribbon hairpin holders work perfectly fine, they're just a
Le porte-fleur en épingle à cheveux ruban bleu original! Parfaits pour les fleurs vivantes ou en soie, les porte-épingles à cheveux ovales sont une alternative...