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The Farmhouse Bouquet

The Farmhouse Bouquet

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Introducing our wildflower Farmhouse Bouquet – the heart and soul of our farm! Bursting with the freshest blooms straight from our fields, it's a vibrant medley of colors handpicked by our farmers. With each bouquet being a delightful surprise, it's like unwrapping a little piece of sunshine every time. Available in classic or deluxe, it's a joyful celebration of nature's beauty, right at your fingertips. Let the farm's seasonal magic brighten your day with our Farmhouse Bouquet!

About our wildflower series: From the time that peonies stop blooming to the time that dahlias begin, the farm enters a focal flower lull. Throughout early summer, the focal flowers (aka the stars of the show) aren't growing. This year instead of missing our stars, we are leaning into the smaller blooms to give some of our favorite flowers a chance to shine! Our wildflower series features a wide variety of all the beautiful, funky flowers that deserve to share in the spotlight, and creates an organic, wildflower-inspired collection to make all of your cottage-core dreams come true.


Every bouquet is handmade by our floral magicians, so each one has its very own personality and is guaranteed to include a colorful assortment of unique flowers and household favorites. 

We only use the happiest-looking flowers, and in order to keep our bouquets lush and smiley, our flower gurus will choose the best ingredients available as the seasons change. The pictures here are of bouquets we've made throughout the seasons, so yours will probably look a little different. While we can't guarantee what flowers will be in each box, we can promise that they will indeed be very awesome. 

That said, if you’re allergic (either physically or emotionally) to certain flowers, we’ll do the best we can to accommodate, just let us know in the notes section of your order when you checkout.

Our awesome bouquets stay awesome when you treat them well. Each bouquet is shipped with a hydration pack to keep the flowers drinking during their trip but should be opened, given a fresh cut, and placed in fresh water as soon as they arrive to you. We also include some flower food to keep them happy, which can be added daily with fresh water (you don't have to use the whole packet at once.)

Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, and always give them a fresh cut before putting them into clean water. You should remove wilted flowers and change the water regularly to prevent bacteria from clogging stems.  

For more tips for processing your flowers, visit our Flower Care page.

You may notice some (or many) of your blooms are closed when they arrive to you - we do this on purpose! Flower ship best when they're young and we want you to enjoy them for their entire lifecycle and see them change as they open!  


  • Delivery is only available within 10 miles of Weyers Cave and is subject to an additional $12 delivery fee. 
  •  Please provide the delivery address as the shipping address when checking out.
  • Schedules change. If you don't think you'll make it to the farm during our pickup timeline, just give us a call at (800) 218-8152.
  • Flowers are available for on-farm pickup during our normal business hours on the date selected. You'll receive an email when your order is ready for pickup. 
Pickup Location:
201 Little Run Road, Weyers Cave, Virginia
Pickup Hours:
Tuesday  - Friday: 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm
      All flower orders are shipped next-day service to arrive on your selected delivery date. Find a complete overview of our shipping policies on our visit our Shipping and Delivery page or our visit our Shipping FAQ page.