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The original Blue Ribbon hairpin flower holders! The flexible pins allow you to design from any angle, and the rounded pins make these flower arrangers...
Mix up your flower frog collection with these stunning oval pin holders! Made from rust-free materials, the Floral Genius pin holders feature extra-long pins placed...
Get creative with these unique square pin holders! A sustainable alternative to floral foam, these reusable flower frog pin holders fit in a variety of...
The Misfit Hairpins The Misfit Hairpins
$17.63 $23.50
$17.63 $23.50
Remember the Island of Misfit Toys? Well, have an island of misfit hairpins. These Blue Ribbon hairpin holders work perfectly fine, they're just a
The flower for pin straightener is a must-have for pin holder maintenance! With use, sometimes stems will bend your pin slightly, and with this pin...
The original flower arranging tool! Often called flower frogs or kenzan, these pin holders are an age-old classic for foam-free floral design. Made from rust-free...